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Separation Systems - Batch Distillation

Key Points

  • Batch Azeotropic systems
  • Batch Extractive systems
  • Multiple Feeds
  • Big Batch Plants
  • Solvent Recovery Systems
  • Modular Batch Plants
  • Batch Plants up to 100 T Capacity
  • Semi Batch Modes
  • Muti-Mode: Batch + Continuous
Batch Distillation Systems are extremely flexible in nature. A single unit can be designed to handle wide variety of feed mixtures. It is also possible to handle multi component feed mixtures in the same column. Feed containing residues, having tendency to foam can be handled with ease if particular attention is paid during design. Addition of a phase splitter/ Decanter allows complete drying of solvent mixtures forming Azeotropes like water-Ethanol/IPA etc. In case of aqueous systems option of direct steam injection can offer several benefits. Operating batch column in semi batch mode or inverted batch fashion can be useful in several situations since it overcomes the disadvantage of batch column of having no stripping section.

We have the expertise to offer wide range of Batch Distillation Systems ranging from single stage flash units (Evaporation) to handling most complex feed mixtures. We are prepared to understand the unique requirements, look at all possible alternatives and work in close association with you to arrive at the best possible solution. For this we utilize ChemCAD Batch. We can undertake Pilot plant trials to understand the peculiarity of the feed if required. We respect the value of information disclosed to us.

We offer some unique equipments’ useful to batch distillation units. They include Internal Condensers directly mounted on column tops, Efficient Kettles without agitator, Phase splitter with very low hold up, Falling film product cooler cum condenser (patent applied for), and reflux splitter. These components when used in conjunction with efficient structured packing that we supply through our business associates result in to several advantages like: extremely low liquid hold ups, giving sharper cuts or lower intermediate cuts while distilling multi component mixtures, quick start ups, lower solvent losses due to operational disturbances, lowering the malfunctioning of system, and ultimately in lower pay back periods. A batch distillation is simple to control as there is no need to balance the feed and draw. Nevertheless the batch unit has unique requirements of instrumentation and control. We understand these and supply total PLC based instrumentation package.

We can supply skid mounted modular batch distillation units in several materials up to 5000-liter capacity. We can also supply individual equipments if so desired. Structured packings are ideally suited to batch distillation columns because of their higher efficiencies and lower liquid hold up/ pressure drops. We can supply packed columns with quality, structured packings complete with associated internals.

Synergy has engineered wide variety of Batch Distillation Systems, from 50 Liter modular Pilot Plant to 110 m3 Batch Kettle.
  • Hydrocarbons like Lube oil, Kerosene, Pentanes etc.
  • Aromatic Chemicals etc.
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