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Separation Systems - Continuous Distillation

Key Points

  • Azeotropic Distillation
  • Multicomponent Distillation
  • Extractive Distillation
  • Thermally Integrated Columns
  • Low Vacuum Distillations
  • Isomer Separations
  • Close Boiling Separations
Distillation Consultants In India
Continuous Distillation Systems remain the most preferred Separations technique in Chemical Process Industries. We understand this and remain focused on this. From simple to complex we can do it all. We have strong capabilities to understand the Residue Curve Maps and have the tools to generate those. We can engineer heat integrated schemes that result in minimal energy. We can use thermal vapor recompression, use of Combined heat and power or some novel strategies that can minimize the operations costs. We have engineered many isomer separations involving close boiling isomers and have also engineered a very close boiling isotope separation. We have also handled a system that has about 6 isomers and 12 azeotropes to deliver best value for customer.

More than 100 columns are working in various industry segments based on our designs some containing up to 12 columns in sequence that use pressure swings to thermally integrate the system. We have engineered columns up to 3000 mm diameter, Columns with very high theoretical Stages (300 to almost 1000), and Columns operating at high vacuums up to .01 Torr.

For Simple systems

  • Fast and Reliable designs at reasonable prices
  • The Designs shall ensure smooth start-ups
Complex Systems: Azeotropes, Many components, close boiling components, Curvatures and pinches in RCMs, presence of solids, thermally degradable feeds, hazardous nature of components, freezing of components because of higher melting points are some situations that add complexity to the design and engineering of distillation systems.

For complex systems

  • Homogeneous Azeotropic Distillations or Extractive Distillations that add a new component to get the separations done. We have an Indian Patent in this area where one can use vapor and liquid feeds to affect ED.
  • Heterogeneous Azeotropic Distillations
  • Special trays that can handle solids up to 15% or even more.
  • Operations at very low vacuums ( up to 10-2 torr) calls for special care while engineering and are must some times when temperature or oxygen are detrimental to processing.
  • Reliable non-stop operations with tracing/jacketing with feeds/products that have tendencies to freeze.
  • RCM’s and other insights to sequence columns that involve multicomponent feeds
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