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    1. Studies on recovery of Glutomic acid from distillery spent wash

      ,1988, V. V. Deshpande, A. G. Patil, and P. L. Kulkarni, Deccan Sugar Technol. Assn. (DSTA),38th Annual Convention, pp. B17-B22

    2. Estimation of optimum down take diameter : Concept of modern vacuum pan

      ,1988, S. K. Bhojraj, and A. G. Patil, DSTA , 38th Annual Convention, pp. E41-E52.

    3. Distillery spent wash -A source for production of chemicals

      , 1988, A. G. Patil,V.V.Deshpande, and P. L. Kulkarni, in National seminar on Sugar factory and allied waste waters-a new focus held at VSI on July 17-18, pp. 52-62.

    4. Distillery spent wash- A source for production of potassium salts

      , 1989, A. G. Patil, V. V. Deshpande, and P. L. Kulkarni, in Bhartiya Sugar Vol. 14, 7th May, pp. 25-29.

    5. Optimal design parameters of vacuum pan : Concept suited to present day needs

      , 1989, S. K. Bhojraj, and A. G. Patil, in 52nd Ann. Convention of sugar Technol. A. of India(STAI),pp. E1-E16.

    6. Heat transfer and flow friction in tape generated turbulent swirl flow & water in a circular tube fitted with varying width twisted tape inserts

      , 1991, K. H. Subramani, A. G. Patil and M. Raja Rao, at K-8 sponsored session ' Heat transfer in turbulent mixed Convection' A.S.M.E., National Heat Transfer Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    7. Freeze Concentration: An attractive alternative by A. G. Patil, International Sugar Journal

      , 1993, Vol. 95, No. 1137, pp. 349-355.

    8. Laminar flow heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of power law fluids inside tubes with varying width twisted tape insert

      , 1999, A. G. Patil, A.S.M.E. Journal Heat transfer, 2000,Vol. 122, No.1, pp. 143-49.

    9. Fusel oil: Composition, removal and potential Utilization by A. G. Patil, S. M. Koolwal, H. D. Butala

      , 2002, International Sugar Journal, Vol. 104, No1238 pp 51-63.

    10. Use of heat integration and sequencing in the design of energy efficient small scale distillation systems: Part I & Part II. Manish Sharma, A.G Patil

      , 2014, In the conference proceedings of Industrial waste heat recovery, FICCI.

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